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IBM z Systems are built for cognitive business. This enables organizations to operate at the scale and speed of mobile, bring right-time analytics to every transaction and ensure the highest levels of security and trust in the cloud. Designed with security and dependability, z Systems will protect sensitive transactions to minimize business risk and protect client exposure, while helping to deliver an exceptional customer experience. New economic efficiencies with the IBM z13s and IBM z13 provide more throughput and capabilities with less impact to the IT budget.

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IBM z13s

IBM z13s

The new IBM z13s is designed to help tackle your toughest real-time business challenges. It provides impressive scale in terms of memory, I/O and processing power on a single frame that can quickly respond to business fluctuations. The z13s also helps you meet your service level agreements by allowing you to deliver real-time information and insight from data that can give your business the advantage of more timely business decisions. IBM z/OS® supports the new processor with significant enhancements to operating system design, optimized for scalability, cost saving, advanced compression capabilities, reliability, availability and scalability. Delivered with security and availability, the z13s provides enhancements to protect your users, your clients and your business.

IBM z13

IBM z13

The IBM z13 mainframe delivers innovations and technologies to enable digital business. It is designed to handle the explosive growth of increasingly mobile clients and employees, able to leverage new and vast amounts of data, and can provide deeper real-time insight at the point for greatest business impact. It's the fastest commercial processor available today built to handle the needs and dynamics of the digital era, with virtually limitless scale while delivering enterprise class service on the most trusted systems available.

Sima Solutions consists of experts in IBM WebSphere and Lotus products who have led projects of some of the largest web sites in the world. We maximize the payoff of enterprise software by effectively solving business problems in a variety of engagement models.

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