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Changing marketplace conditions such as growing complexity, increased customer requirements and lack of visibility have increased the value of effective B2B process automation. Built on a security-rich cloud infrastructure that can better process multiple millions of transactions a day, IBM’s B2B Cloud Solution’s service-oriented architecture gives the solution the agility to adapt to the ever-changing needs of multi-enterprise environments. Results include cost savings, process improvements and a competitive advantage for you.

Featured Products

IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network

IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network is a flexible cloud B2B Integration solution providing reliable, secure connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners. It also delivers unprecedented visibility and control over the business processes shared with outside companies.

• Improve responsiveness by supporting any data type or format with over 300,000 pre-connected trading entities
• Boost profit margins by automating business transactions with partners of any size or technical capability
• Optimize B2B performance by improving strategic decision making with real-time end-to-end process visibility.

IBM Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management

Increase operational quality and velocity of partner relationships, while reducing risk

IBM® Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management (MRM) provides an open and extensible system of engagement for optimizing global partner interaction. MRM helps you to manage the supplier relationship from costs to activities and performance. This collaborative, multi-channel infrastructure facilitates more efficient onboarding and effective campaigns through ongoing partner engagement.

Multi-Enterprise Relationship Management promotes:
• Ongoing, dynamic monitoring of supplier activity for greatly improved visibility, resulting in better business insights.
• Optimized business value across your value chain with continual partner engagement.
• More efficient onboarding and campaign management across your partner community.
• Enhanced supplier relationships through collaboration without interaction based on segmentation.
• B2B network scalability through an engagement hub of tools and services for partner interaction.

Sima Solutions consists of experts in IBM WebSphere and Lotus products who have led projects of some of the largest web sites in the world. We maximize the payoff of enterprise software by effectively solving business problems in a variety of engagement models.

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Services Middleware Services Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere BPM Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere – Cast Iron Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere CICS Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere – ILOG Authorized reseller
Software – WebSphere WebSphere MQ Authorized reseller

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Business Intelligence
Enterprise content management
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Information integration & federation
Product lifecycle management
Service-oriented architecture

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