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What makes up a cloud? From strategy to design to implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud Migration

Drop the old legacy systems for the cloud. We make it easier than you thought possible.

Cloud Native Dev

Do you want your applications always available, current and automated? Build them in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Dev / Test Cloud Environments to add more application and agile development capacity fast and efficiently
  • IBM Private Cloud migration to move existing application workloads into the latest version of WebSphere Commerce
  • Advanced Cloud Management Automation: Streamlined management across cloud environments to help launch, monitor and manage services and help ensure consistent security protocols.
  • Security & Data Encryption: Security Vulnerability Advisor to scan containers across the cloud to surface potentially serious issues and weaknesses; Ability to encrypt all data in flight and provide for strict access control by users within a cluster.
  • Core Cloud Platform: Includes a container engine, Kubernetes orchestration, and essential management tools surrounding developer runtimes, which are fully integrated and automated.
  • Infrastructure Choice: Compatible with systems from leading manufacturers including Cisco, Dell EMC, Intel, Lenovo and NetApp, as well as IBM Systems, including IBM Power Systems, IBM Z, and IBM Data and Application Support & DevOps Tools
  • Infrastructure Choice – Compatible with systems from leading manufacturers including Cisco, Dell EMC, Intel, Lenovo and NetApp, as well as IBM Systems, including IBM Power Systems, IBM Z and IBM Data
  • Application Support, Optimized management & DevOps Tools: Containerized versions of software and development frameworks, including IBM WebSphere Liberty, Open Liberty, MQ and Microservice Builder, as part of software bundles; and APM, Netcool and UrbanCode, which can be added for a separate fee.

Services & Solutions

Commerce Developer Environment Offering (ECOM-BLUESHIFT CDE ©)

We are happy to announce our public offering to the vibrant and growing IBM® Commerce Community. This offering combines the feature rich IBM® Cloud with IBM® WebSphere Commerce and best-of-breed Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment software from industry. This offering intends to “standardize” and “improve efficiency” of the Development phase of IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solutions. This offering consolidates the combined rich consulting experience of over 50 years with industry-wide general best practices for application development.


IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solutions typically have a long and continuous Development lifecycle. Did the word “long” development cycle raise an alarm for you? Well, “long” is a relative word!  And many of you can provide reasonable cases for why it is long today and maybe its ok for the lifecycle of development to be long! Of course!  This pattern drags down the momentum and ROI of the IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solutions! We view it as problem and that is the specific objective our offering intends to address.

Let us take a scenario. A client decides to use IBM® WebSphere Commerce for their e-commerce solution. In order to use the IBM® WebSphere Commerce solution, they have to start on a journey to establish a working Commerce Development Server, Commerce Development environment, Source control repository, Branching Strategy to support multiple projects, Release strategy, Build and Deployment and so on! So, bottom line is every existing and new client has to go through setupmaintenance and upgrade of commerce developer environments and release management procedures periodically.

Above mentioned activities are NOT optional and are required to be done continuously to improve the development cycle efficiency. And, these activities become mandatory whenever there is a new commerce software version released by IBM. Every client does these activities independent of each other in the IBM® Commerce Community. This means – each client goes through discovery, standardization and continuous improvement of procedures for establishing a development environment independently (ably assisted by employees, IBM® business partners and IBM®). But, do you see any good collaboration?  You see a problem?  We do!

Why we see this as an opportunity for improvement and what is the long term Goal

We intend to break away from the above mentioned pattern, which gives rise to the drag and ROI issues for IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solutions. We would like to “standardize” and “improve efficiency” of each and every component of the development lifecycle of IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solutions. Development environments and build and release management are fundamental for having a vibrant and operation development practice for IBM® WebSphere Commerce. So, we want to start with these two objectives- namely Standardized Development environments and Standardized build and release management. The mentioned offering shall help establish a foundation for a highly effective and faster development environment of IBM® WebSphere Commerce based e-commerce solution.

The long term goal for us is to share the development patterns across all clients of IBM® WebSphere Commerce Community. This shall reduce the development-effort and improve on ROI of solutions.


Commerce Developer Cloud Offering highlights are illustrated and highlighted below.