Solutions | Business-Process Management (BPM)


As companies strive to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by improving efficiency and flexibility, many of them are embarking on business process management (BPM) strategies. BPM combines tools, technologies, and techniques to empower organizations to continuously monitor and improve their most vital activities, and align their IT systems to most effectively support them. As a result, they can optimize productivity and profitability by realizing the kind of agility needed to respond rapidly to evolving customer demands and dynamic marketplace conditions.

Sima Solutions offers a full suite of services for companies seeking to implement a comprehensive BPM infrastructure with IBM middleware as the foundation. We are experts in the implementation of IBM solutions – a Premier Services Business Partner, and one of only three companies globally to be selected to participate in IBM’s elite IBM Software Services for WebSphere program as a retained services provider.

Through our years of experience, Sima Solutions has designed a suite of services for each phase of the development life-cycle of a BPM project.  Depending on your needs you can pick and choose which services offering best fits your needs.

Ask us about our BPM Workshop that will help create an enterprise road-map and actionable plan to get you started in the right direction.