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SOAMake the transition to SOA – seamlessly and successfully!

Service oriented architectures (SOAs) provide companies with the kind of agility they need to thrive in today’s dynamic and increasingly competitive global marketplace. With an SOA in place, organizations can leverage open standards and platforms to make sure that their technology infrastructures, business applications, and related processes can be easily modified or adjusted at any time.

The robust, reusable components that serve as the foundation for SOA make automating workflows or assembling new applications fast, easy, and economical. As a result, organizations can respond swiftly to evolving conditions, emerging customer demands, and other changes in their business environment.

But, a large portion of SOA initiatives fail, or experience significant difficulties – hindering the achievement of true IT flexibility.

Keep Your SOA Project on Track with Comprehensive Services from Sima

Let Sima Solutions help you succeed with SOA. Our comprehensive and cost-effective services provide full support for your project from start to finish – from design and planning, through implementation and management. We can put your SOA initiative on the right path by working closely with your IT and business leaders to:

  • Develop a comprehensive SOA strategy that is fully aligned with your most pressing business goals

  • Create a road map that outlines how that strategy will be implemented and adopted across your entire enterprise

  • Build and deploy a comprehensive infrastructure – based on IBM’s industry-leading WebSphere software suite – to support SOA, including services interfaces for existing technology systems, as well as new Web services components

  • Create and enforce formal policies for security and governance

  • Outline a plan for ongoing enhancement and management of your new architecture

With SOA services from Sima, you’ll minimize risk, eliminate barriers and obstacles, and avoid delays, while building a flexible technology foundation that maximizes operational efficiency, organizational agility, and return on IT investment.

Delivered by a Skilled, Knowledgeable Team

And best of all, our SOA services are delivered by some of the industry’s most experienced consultants. They possess unmatched expertise in the WebSphere technologies that support SOA. Additionally, they fully understand the underlying business goals that drive SOA efforts. And, since many experts agree that the primary reason that SOA initiatives fail is the lack of alignment between supporting solutions and strategic objectives, this combination of technical knowledge and business savvy is crucial to helping you ensure SOA success.