Services | Portal Architecture

PortalArchitecture2When it comes to the design and development of applications on IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, Sima Solutions has the depth of experience to completely handle the design, development and management of your entire project. Or, we can supplement your development team.

Sima Solutions can help you create and implement a fully integrated portal solution that is scalable and secure. We build customized enterprise portals designed to simplify the integration process of underlying business infrastructures, resulting in improved sharing of mission-critical data, applications and services between customers, employees and partners.

We’ve successfully customized and implemented hundreds of Portal projects for our clients, including IBM, and we continue to bring our extensive expertise and consultative approach to every project we touch.

Our customized portal design, development and implementation services include integrated, web-enabled systems, dashboards, and apps, unified reporting and collaboration for process improvement.

Sima Solutions can provide everything you need, including searchable data systems, content management and personalization and custom portal business-analysis tools designed to help you simplify the process of integrating your complete business infrastructure.

We provide additional services include mentoring, education, business value assessments and more.